Meet the Johnson's

Who is Levi?


Levi was our sweet baby boy who passed away in 2006. We named our business in his honor and know he is in heaven watching over us every day. We know he would have loved Bearded Dragons just as much as we do! 

Michael Johnson


Michael is a devoted husband and father. He lives in Madison, TN with his wife and 4 children. Michael has been an avid reptile lover since childhood, and along with his wife has over 10 years experience with Bearded Dragons and breeding. Michael is passionate about breeding high quality, healthy, social dragons.

Filisha Johnson


Filisha is a busy wife and mother of 4. Living in Madison, TN also, she is a Veterinary Technician, and devoted to the health and happiness of every dragon under her care. An animal advocate her whole life she is dedicated to maintaining a clean, healthy and caring environment for their pets, breeders, and hatchlings.